Consious Fashion: why is it so important?

Ishie Studios attaches great importance to consious Fashion in a world where fast fashion has massively grown in the recent years, contributing to mass production and consumerism which are increasingly becoming a bigger issue for our environment. Just think about the pollution, water and textile waste, the use of toxic chemicals and poor labour conditions of employers in sweatshops. But it does not have to be this way. Ishie Studios is specifically founded to provide unique and sustainable fashion pieces that are made in harmony with its surroundings instead of harming our planet.

What is “consious Fashion”?

So what does “consious Fashion” exactly mean? In general, consious Fashion is all about caring where the clothing comes from, who makes them and what impact it has on the environment. It is a term that is becoming more and more significant in the recent years. Here at Ishie Studios, we want to empower and inspire women to be more aware of their fashion purchases. Our philosophy is to make the environmental impact of a clothing product as low as possible during its production and life cycle. Sustainability is the keyword here. We strive for our clothing to be comfortable, designed and crafted in a way that it will last a lifetime so our consumers can always make use of it. Read more about the advantages that come with consious Fashion down below.

Benefits of consious Fashion 

consious Fashion offers a lot of great benefits, not only for the consumer but also for the rest of the world! Here are some great reasons why you should definitely consider to switch to the consious Fashion side and how we make it work.

  • Environmentally friendly: As previously mentioned, consious Fashion cares a lot about the environment and naturally so do we! By creating our garments in a sustainable way, we can make a difference in the fashion industry and eventually in the world. More detailed benefits to this are discussed in the following bullet points.
  • Longevity: We believe in timeless clothing, pieces that will never get out of fashion and that are easy to style for various outfits. Therefore, the longevity of our garments is important. Our aim is for our clients to enjoy our clothing as long as possible. To achieve that, we also make sure that all of our pieces can be styled together beautifully and are appropriate to wear on different occasions: from casual to fancy! Garments can be easily layered or combined with other clothing styles for a versatile look.
  • Ethical: Our garments are all produced and sourced within Europe. For example, we collaborate with carefully selected textile mills located in Italy to guarantee quality craftsmanship and fair trade.
  • High quality eco-friendly fabrics: In our shop, we offer garments made out of the best quality. We guarantee the best natural fibers being used. Natural fibers can be either plant based (such as cotton or flax to produce linen) or animal based (for example all types of wool such as sheep’s wool or cashmere wool from cashmere goats). No chemicals are used during the process. We use for instance luxurious wool and cotton.
Consious Fashion: why is it so important?

This mix of environmental consiousness and the use of quality natural materials ensures that we can offer sustainable fashion items with a high standard. Our fashion collection stands out in both simplicity and sophistication: items that are modern yet timeless, minimal yet expressive with stunning details. Beauty, crafted to last is our slogan. Take a look at our collection that combines comfort, elegance, contemporaneity and sustainability. Go to