The establishment of your Dutch company directly arranged

Starting a business is an exciting time for you as an entrepreneur. You can always use help, especially when you want to set up this company in the Netherlands. Establishing a Dutch company requires some knowledge of, for example, the various forms. At Intercompany Solutions you can go to establish a Dutch company. We are happy to explain to you what we can do for you in establishing a Dutch company and how you come into contact with us. In addition, we would also like to tell you more about the advantages of establishing a Dutch company. So you have all the information at hand to be able to enter into a partnership with us and start your business in the Netherlands.

The establishment of your Dutch company offers advantages

Establishing a Dutch company requires some knowledge. There are a few different forms of a Dutch company that you may never have heard of as a foreign entrepreneur. That is why it is wise to enter into a collaboration with an organization that knows all about this and that can also give you all information about establishing a Dutch company. We realize this when you enter into a partnership with us. Together with you, we look at the different business forms and which suits your company best. From there we will start with the establishing of your Dutch company. For example we take the Dutch BV (Besloten Vennootschap). When we establish your Dutch company, you benefit from many advantages:

  • Companies are able to function as a director and shareholder of other companies
  • It is allowed to have a foreign company as a director
  • The BV company is reputable in international trade
  • The Dutch BV has one of the lowest tax rates in Western Europe
  • It gives access to the European markets

In addition to these advantages, there are a number of others that we would like to inform you about during an introductory meeting. When we are allowed to take care of the establishment of your Dutch company, we first talk about the possibilities. From there we go to work. We do this in various steps, whereby we always keep you informed of the requirements and progress. In this way, we not only ensure that your company is registered, but we can also open the bank account and ensure that you are registered for the VAT tax. You also do not have to be present in person when setting up your Dutch company. If we have received all necessary documents in both Dutch and English, we can arrange everything for you at a distance. So you are the owner of a Dutch company within a few days, where everything is arranged down to the last detail.

We are happy to help you by offering a total package

Intercompany Solutions is your specialist in setting up a Dutch company. We have years of experience in the field, so we can always offer you a good service. You will not only receive a Dutch company, but also all other matters relating to the company are directly arranged. This way you can start selling your products and services from the very first moment. Do you still have questions, need advice or do you want more information about the possibilities for your company after reading all the information? Please contact us using the contact details on Our employees will gladly help you further by answering your questions and providing you with all the information you need to set up your company in the Netherlands.

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